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How to use margin trading

1. What is Margin trading?

If you have opened margin trading, you can borrow funds from Futu to buy stocks (financing) and borrow stocks to sell (short selling). Margin has Leverage Effect, which can enlarge investment income and increase potential risk.

2. How to use Margin trading?

Enter the number of stocks you want to trade in the trading interface. When your purchase quantity exceeds the Cash Available, the system will give you a pop-up message. 

Note: Cash Available means the maximum quantity you can buy with cash; Available for Sell means the stocks or securities derivatives that can be sold; If there is no position, it will show 0; Buy on Margin means that the maximum quantity you can buy with margin; Sell on Margin means the number of the current stocks that can be short sold.

When a stock cannot be purchased on margin, the amount of Buy on Margin is the same as Cash Available.