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What is a FUTU universal account

FUTU Universal Account is a new account type launched by Futu that supports trading securities and futures in various markets (SG, HK, US, and CN) in multiple currencies. 

Trade Permissions: 

For new clients who recently opened accounts with us, a FUTU Universal Account is all you need to trade securities and futures in various markets (SG, HK, US, and CN).

For existing clients who opened accounts with us for some time, the permissions to trade securities and futures using your original SG Margin Account and Futures Account are equal to the trade permissions allowed by a FUTU Universal Account.

Asset Segregation:

Securities and futures should be segregated from one another under regulatory requirements, meaning that your cash and positions for securities are segregated from those for futures. Your buying power for the two types of products is calculated separately, and their statements are also generated separately.