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Fund Cash Coupons

1. Fund Cash Coupons

Fund cash coupons can be used for designated products in the fund category, and act on completed subscription orders. Once a subscription is completed with a fund cash coupon, you will receive the corresponding cashback amount.

2. Rules of Use 

Fund cash coupons can be used for all fund products (the specific scope is subject to the discount description of each coupon), and act on completed subscription orders. After the coupon is used to complete the subscription, you will receive the corresponding cashback amount.

A coupon can only be used once, and cannot be stacked or split.

Fund cash coupons are not registered, irrecoverable once lost, and cannot be gifted or exchanged for cash.

To use the coupon properly, please make sure that you are using an up-to-date version of the mobile App.

3. Cashback Distribution

The preferential cashback after the use of fund cash coupons will be returned to the corresponding account within 3 trading days after the subscription order is confirmed. You can check the details via "Trade - Brokerage Account - Funds Details".

4. Other Terms and Conditions

Fund cash coupons offer and related advertisements do not constitute an offer, solicitation, recommendation, advice or any guarantee of any securities, financial products or instruments by Futu.

Fund cash coupons are event rewards and Futu reserves the right to reclaim fund cash coupons acquired via inappropriate means such as exploiting system vulnerabilities, hacking, and false trading.

Futu reserves the discretion,  to interpret usage rules regarding fund cash coupons to the extent permitted by law.