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Descriptions on interest charges

1. Interest Charges of Bank Financing




Interest = Amount Borrowed * Daily Interest Rate * Interest-Bearing Days

Amount borrowed

Amount Borrowed = Total Amount - Existing amount; please refer to the subscription page for specific information

Daily interest rate

Daily Interest Rate = Annual Interest Rate/365; please refer to the subscription page for the interest rate

Interest-bearing days

Interest-bearing days count from the subscription deadline until the last calendar day before the announcement of the allotment results.    

2. Interest charge incurred by FUTU financing services

You may use FUTU financing services if you do not have enough withdrawable funds on your account to subscribe for IPOs.

Interest will be settled monthly using the same interest rate as your HK margin account (typically 6.8%). You may borrow and return these funds at any time.

We are not able to provide estimates on the interest because it will fluctuate with changes in the interest-bearing period, borrowed amount, and the financial situation of the account. Please refer to the account for final charges.