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IPO subscription fees (HK stock)

Futu supports two ways of IPO subscription

1. Ordinary Subscription (including Cash Subscription and Futu Financing Subscription)

2. Bank Financing Subscription

SubscriptionTypeFeesCharged by
Ordinary Subscription(Using Cash)Subscription FeesHK$50 / OrderFUTU SG
Ordinary Subscription(Using Futu Financing)Futu Financing InterestThe annual interest rate of Futu Margin is the same as the annual interest rate of HK stock margin account (annualized interest rate 6.8%) .

For details, please refer to the description of interest on margin subscription.Regardless of the IPO allotment result, the margin interest incurred will be payable.

Bank Financing SubscriptionSubscription FeesHK$100 / OrderBank etc.
Bank Financing InterestEach stock may be different, please refer to the actual subscription page display.

For details, please refer to the description of interest on margin subscription.Regardless of whether you win the lot for IPO, margin interest must be paid.

Ordinary Subscription/
Bank Financing Subscription
SFC Transaction Levy, FRC Transaction Levy, Trading Fees and Commission (only charged if you win the lot for IPO)1.00785% * Amount of WinningHK SFC, HK FRC, HKEX, FUTU HK


2.1 For Singapore tax resident, subscription fees includes Goods & Services Tax (GST). Fees & charges may be subject to changes without prior notice.

2.2 On the FUTU platform, SFC Transaction Levy is abbreviated as SFC Levy, FRC Transaction Levy is abbreviated as FRC Levy.

2.3 FRC Transaction Levy will be effective from January 1, 2022.

As of 1 April 2022, on top of the existing fees, the goods and services tax (GST) will be levied on relevant pass-through fees, including but not limited to stamp duty, exchange fees, and trading fees, in accordance with the removal of the GST administrative concession by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), whereupon all relevant domestic and foreign fees to Singapore Tax Residents will be applicable. 

Futu SG reserves the right to amend or charge relevant fees without prior notice.