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U.S. Stock Option Fees

1. U.S. Options

1.1 Commission

TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
CommissionUSD$0.65/Contract, min $1.99/OrderFUTU SG

1.2 Platform Fees

TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
Fixed platform feeUSD$0.30/ContractFUTU SG


1. An order can be divided into multiple transactions but will only be charged once.

2. The transaction fees of valid orders before cancellation shall be settled according to the trading day. The transactions on the same trading day shall be regarded as one order, and the transactions on different trading days shall be regarded as different orders for charging.

3. Thank you for using moomoo. Platform fees are charged to enable Futu to continue investing in better technologies to improve our platform to serve our users better.

1.3 Other Fees

TypeCurrencyFeesCharged by
SEC feeUSD$0.0000051*Transaction amount,min $0.01/TradeSEC
Trading activity feeUSD$0.002/Contract, min $0.01/TradeFINRA
Options Regulatory Fee( "ORF" )USD$0.02135/ContractExchange
OCC Clearing feeUSD$0, during 2021.11.01 - 2021.12.31OCC
Exchange feeUSDDifferent exchanges and transaction types charge differentlyExchange


1. The SFC fee and transaction activity fee are charged only at the time of sale.

2. All the transactions which have an effective settlement date of February 25, 2021 or later will have the SEC fee rate "$0.0000051 * transaction amount, min $0.01" applied.

3. The Singapore government will levy a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the above-mentioned "commissions", "platform fees" at a rate of 7%.