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Instant deposit via DDA

DDA (Direct Debit Authorization)is a service provided by DBS/POSB Bank. Once you link your DBS/POSB bank account to FUTU SG, you can directly initiate a deposit on moomoo app, and DBS/POS Bank will process your deposit request. Compared with other deposit methods, DDA has the following advantages:

● Free: It is free to set up DDA and deposit funds.  

● Efficient: Your deposit will be posted to your account within 15 minutes. Exceptions may apply if the deposit is initiated during non-business hours.

● Convenient: You can directly initiate a deposit on moomoo app.

1. How to Set up DDA?

1.1 Go to the right page to start

If you are the first-timer who wants to deposit via DDA, please log in to moomoo, and click Me > Deposit  > Instant Deposit via DDA to the setup page. By clicking Next, you will start the authorization process asked by DBS/POSB Bank.

1.2 Log in to you DBS/POSB bank account to continue

You can log in to your DBS/POSB bank account via [My Digibank Login] or [Card & Pin]. The login service is provided by DBS/POSB Bank. Your credentials will never be made accessible to FUTU SG. 

1.3 Link an account to complete

You will access your DBS/POSB account list after login. Please choose an account to link to FUTU SG, agree on the Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) Terms and Conditions, and click Next to submit your request. We will send you notifications and emails about the progress of your DDA request. 

2. How to Initiate a Deposit via DDA

After the successful setup of DDA, you can go to the Deposit page to initiate a deposit and go to the Funds Record page to check the progress and details. We will send you notifications and emails about the progress of your deposit.

Your deposit will be initiated once we verify your bank account information.